Designer profile: CASPER&PEARL

*This article was originally written in 2014.

Australian designer Stacey Hendrickson created CASPER&PEARL in 2011 when she was just 18 years old. Three years later, the Adelaide-based designer’s work has been showcased on a number of high profile fashion blogs, international publications, and countless celebrities. With C&P already being sold in 30 different locations around the world including Australia, New Zealand, The United States and Canada, the label has emerged into the world of fashion as the one to watch.

In every Casper&Pearl collection, you’ll find more than just quirky and creative clothing; you’ll find a concept that is told through shapes, colourful fabrications and exclusive prints. Girls who wear the brand embrace an expression of confidence and personal exploration. Each time you slip into one of their pieces, you become a part of an exclusive fanciful world.

With each new season, the brand exceeds expectations by delivering beautiful and high quality products to an ever-growing global fan base. The perfectly named ‘Sweet Heart High’ and ‘HOLA LOLA’ collections both embody a strong design that screams playfulness, confidence and a spin on the classic floral staple. Each collection takes the form in a number of different shapes and patterns, all while staying true to the brands signature style.

‘Sweet Heart High’ is inspired by the 90’s and imitates the schoolgirl look with a quirky, ‘outsider’ style.  We are thrown back to our careless schoolyard days as the classic floral receives a mature upgrade.


While tugging at our hearts nostalgia strings, it still allows for us 20-somethings to be dressed up enough to rock one of these outfits in the office. It’s the ultimate mix of school and working class girl!

Casper&Pearl’s latest collection, ‘HOLA LOLA’ is inspired by the trip the team made to Mexico. Hendrickson’s most outgoing creations emerge in this collection as she tackles a number of different designs seemingly inspired by Mexican artist and floral trendsetter, Friday Kahlo. With summer beaming in Australia, this collection comes at the perfect time; as a lot of the pieces feature off the shoulder, mesh styling and on-trend bold colours. And for all those who are embracing the colder months, Hendrickson hasn’t forgotten about you! A number of maxi dresses and the jaw dropping LOLA Bomber make an appearance in this collection, making it the all year-round quirky staple of our wardrobes.


The most striking aspect about Casper&Pearl is how Hendrickson’s creative and talented concepts have been translated from her wonderful mind, to countless runways. It’s not just about the clothes that she is creating and selling; it’s the story that comes along with each individual piece. She brings her collections to life by giving them character through embracing the idea of a free-spirit that resides in all of us. Her meticulous eye for design and innovative ideas allow for the girly girls of today to stand out in the crowd when wearing any Casper&Pearl piece.

Casper&Pearl collections are in a selection of boutiques located across Australia. If you live overseas, C&P has you covered 24/7 through their online shops such as The Iconic:

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