Photographers Capture The Funny Side Of Animals

The power and beauty of nature is often captured, but what about the quirky, giggle-inducing side? You’ll be relieved to know there is an entire competition dedicated to capturing the funny side of the animal kingdom. The Comedy Wildlife – Photography Awards brings together a hilarious collection of pictures submitted by photographers who found themselves in the right place at the right time.

Photographer: Adam Parsons

The international competition saw a panel of talented nature photographers and conservationists select the best in comedic wildlife photography. At the core of this light-hearted collection of imagery is an important worldwide issue: conservation.

“Animals can make you laugh without even knowing why. It is the anthropomorphic behavior […] There is also such a broad range of animals, from so many countries, that it really raises the awareness of conservation on a global scale,” Judge Tom Sullam said.

Photographer: Philip Marazzi

Angela Bohlke from the USA snatched the top prize in both the Overall and On the Land categories with her entertaining picture of a fox face-planting in the snow, which she captured in Yellowstone National Park.

Photographer: Angela Bohlke

“I was absolutely shocked to be announced as the overall winner as I was not at all expecting to even be a finalist and there were so many amazing photographs from such skilled photographers in the competition,” Angela said.

“The picture shows a red fox hunting for his morning breakfast, a small rodent, known as a vole. This photograph is from one of the times he unfortunately, however, hilariously missed. On the third try, he finally succeeded.”

“To me, winning is just a chance to share the beauty of our protected lands with more people. I plan to donate any personal profit from sales of the image back to Yellowstone National Park where this image was taken.”

Photographer: Nicolas de Vaulx

Through the power of photography, The Comedy Wildlife Awards encourages photographers and viewers to spread the word about conservation. It aims to awaken our appreciation for nature and challenges us to think about the importance of preserving and protecting the environment.

Jump over to the Comedy Wildlife Photo website to see how you can contribute to wildlife conservation through photography or different outlets. While you’re there, have a laugh at the submissions from previous years.

Photographer: Rob Kroenert

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